The Mystic Christ

Soft Moon Shining

Finding God's Love

The Mystic Christ

The light of non-duality and the path of love according to the life and teachings of Jesus

The Mystic Christ looks deeply into the life of Jesus from the perspective of mysticism, Gnosticism and eastern mystical traditions including Hindu and Buddhist philosophies. To be a Gnostic or to embrace mysticism is to realize that there is one Self at the core of every being. Jesus Christ is one with Buddha, Krishna and other incarnations of God. Jesus Christ was a Gnostic who embraced the truth of mysticism. Click the title to read more about this exciting new book.

ISBN: 0-9729317-0-8
$14.95 | Paperback
6 x 9 | 260 pages

Soft Moon Shining

Poems for the Mother of the Universe - Goddess

The Goddess or Divine Mother, beckons to all Her children. Swim in the ocean of God’s love reveling in the feminine presence of God – the eternal Goddess – the creatrix of all beings. This profound and moving collection of devotional poetry reveals the Goddess as the indwelling presence of love and compassion in the hearts of all. Click on the title to enter the light of the Goddess.

ISBN 0-9729317-2-4
$14.95 | Paperback
7 x 9 | 260 pages
54 Illustrations

Finding God's Love

The Theory and Practice of Love and Devotion as a Spiritual Path

God’s love is always with us falling like rain to every person. To experience God's love we open the portals of our hearts while walking away from our own negativity. This is a how-to book for finding God’s love directly and intimately; becoming a child in God’s arms. Experience the sweetness of the divine; the ecstasy of God's infinite love.

ISBN 0-9729317-1-6
$13.95 | Paperback
6 x 9 | 80 pages

Tears of Joy

A New 13 song music CD

Acoustic/folk rock songs with a spiritual temperament. Rich vocals that bloom like moonlight lilies on a deep and enchanting lake of silken harmonies, acoustic & electric guitars, sultry violin, soaring flute, piano, keyboards, bass and drums. Poetic lyrics are given flight on the wings of beautiful haunting melodies which ebb and flow in the rhythm of joyous being. This work ranges from ecstatic exuberant "dancing in the streets" to an introspective play of the mysteries of the heart. A celebration of life from beginning to end the Tears of Joy CD flows from the river of divine love transcending religion and embracing all.

$12.97 | CD w/ jewel box and booklet
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Devi Press is a publisher of books in the genre of metaphysics or metaphysical topics to include spiritual subjects, applied spirituality, and the understanding that there are many paths to God all of which are worthy of exploration. Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna as well as all of the other great spiritual masters are manifestations of a single enlightened consciousness - call it Buddha Nature, Christ Consciousness, I AM that I AM, Brahman, Einsoph or Great Spirit - all the same. Spirituality is deep like the ocean while religion generally tends to flow in shallow streams on the surface of our minds. The spiritual path requires personal effort.

The mystic path - mysticism - is a continuing metaphysical interest, whereby one seeks to have direct knowledge or communion with God. The Christian Gnostic believers, felt that Jesus primarily taught this direct Gnosticism. The Gnostic path is also congruent with pagan beliefs formulated by Celtic and Druid masters long ago. The Gnostic path or Gnosticism finds unity with Hinduism, Buddhism - , the Sufi Masters of Islam, the Jewish Kabbalah, Native American Indian spirituality and other paths of mysticism in the words of Jesus which state that the kingdom of God is within us - Luke 17:21.

The Mystic Christ includes a thorough discussion of the Gnostic Gospels quoting from the Nag Hammadi Library and most often from the Gospel of Thomas. Another of the Gnostic Gospels quoted is the Gospel of Mary. The Gnostic Gospels play a primary role in understanding the hearts and minds of those around Jesus and Jesus himself.

Devi Press supports the concept of God in both the masculine form - God the Father - and the feminine form - God the Mother. The Divine Mother or the Goddess has appeared in many forms in all cultures. Some of the forms of the Goddess include Hindu goddesses like Kali, Lakshmi, Durga, Devi, Shakti, Mahavidyas, Ganga, Maya, Swapneshwari and Saraswati. In Tibetan Buddhism - Buddhist Goddesses - we see Green Tara, White Tara, Red Tara, Blue Tara, Yellow Tara, Achi Chkyi Drolma, Belwong Kalasiddhi, Cintamani, Ekajati (Ralchikma), Khandro Wongchang, Marici (Ozerchenma), Nairatmya, Palden Lhamo (Shri Devi), Prajnaparamita (Yum Chenmo), Samantabhadri (Kuntu Zangmo also spelled Kungtusangmo), Sherab Chamma (Kunzal Chamma Chemo), Shridevi (Palden Lhamo), Sinhavaktra, Vajrayogini (Dorje Naljorma), and Vishvamata to name a few. In the pagan path the Goddess or Divine Mother is thoroughly recognized. In the Gnostic path she is Sophia.

The Goddess or Divine Mother appears everywhere and is central to spirituality. In the Islamic religion Allah has two primary names - Rahman and Rahim which mean Merciful and Compassionate . Each of these names are derived from the root Arabic word that signfies womb. Mahayana Buddhism recognizes the Divine Mother or ultimate Goddess as Prajnaparamita, the unfathomable and boundless Divine Mother of all Buddhas - manifestations of Buddha . The early Gnostic Christians put much emphasis on the Virgin Sophia who is the feminine embodiment of Wisdom. The Chinese have Kwan Yin - Quan Yin - Kuan Yin - the Goddess of Mercy. In orthodox Judaism we have the Sabbath Queen and the feminine Shekinah. The mystical Jewish doctrine, the Kabbalah, reveals that out of the Unmanifest emanated the three Divine Mothers or primal elements, out of which emanated three Divine Fathers which were primordial or spiritual air, water and fire from which came the planets and their angels. All of these are forms of the Goddess or Divine Mother. Some hold that in the Christian Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that the Holy Spirit is the Goddess. Mother Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus, continues the presence of the Divine Mother in modern Christianity.

Reincarnation was once very much accepted in early Christianity and there is much evidence of reincarnation in the Bible. The Bible and reincarnation are wholly compatible and this is revealed in considerable detail in the book The Mystic Christ. There is evidence that Jesus and the disciples all believed in reincarnation. Of course, reincarnation is part and parcel with Hindu and Buddhist beliefs as well as Plato, Socrates and Pythagoras. Reincarnation is in the Bible.

Krishna and Buddha both taught the same as Jesus and this idea is clearly developed in The Mystic Christ. The essential teaching common to these great masters is the practice of love and compassion and the essential wisdom of non-duality. Krishna taught in the Bhagavad Gita that we are not the doer thus leading us to understand the non-dual nature of reality.

In the book Finding God's Love, Devi Press offers an exploration of the path of love and spiritual devotion as a spiritual path. It is the study of bhakti yoga. To love God with all our heart and mind and to love our neighbors as ourselves are the two commandments that Jesus the Christ gave us. This is the path to God love. Although Buddha did not teach the existence of a creator God, this is not seen as different from the Christian perspective when we understand that, after all, God cannot be understood by the mind. Concepts and beliefs will not corral God. Buddha knew this. Finding God's Love beautifully reconciles these perspectives. Loving God as a form leads us to know God as the formless. Devotion is referred to as bhakti yoga in Hindu scriptures. Finding God's Love is the Bhakti Sutras by Narada but presented in easy to understand narrative. Buddhists also propose deep devotion for the guru who is the very embodiment of Buddha Nature (God). The essence of bhakti yoga or spiritual devotion is seen in the stories of Krishna and the Gopi milkmaids of Vrindavan. In the practice of bhakti yoga, daily devotion to God is the essential thing. Christian devotion is not different from Hindu devotion, Islamic devotion or Buddhist devotion. Devotional prayer is the same regardless of our path. God love is something for which all beings seek. God love is that which glows at the center of every heart.

That which is metaphysical means that which is beyond the physical. Metaphysics is that which, in most cases, eludes the senses. Soft Moon Shining as devotional poetry is metaphysical poetry. It takes us beyond the senses to the heart - by guiding us to love the Goddess - the Absolute made manifest. Metaphysical poetry or devotional poetry is not a common genre. Ramprasad was another great metaphysical poet who exemplified love for the Goddess. Metaphysics ultimately is the study of the mind and how the mind as the ego keeps us from the heart.

Pagan beliefs are very close to Native American and Hindu concepts, Japanese Shinto and Tibetan Buddhism. Pagan philosophy sees God as immanent - abiding in and through all of nature. For this reason, pagan adherents are more likely to see God in the feminine form as the Goddess. She is the creatrix of all of the universes. We see that it is Mother Earth who brings forth the seed and gives birth to the form. These ideas are thoroughly articulated in pagan beliefs. This is also the concept presented in The Mystic Christ. Jesus was a pagan.