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Elbow Soreness Pain

In a study at Mayo Clinic, doctors used acupuncture to treat 22 patients with painful tennis elbow.  80% experienced complete and ongoing relief.  An additional 10% had significant improvement.

"We were treating the worst of the worst—patients who had been seriously disabled by their tennis elbow pain for an average of 14 months before starting acupuncture treatment," says Peter T. Dorsher, MD, who is a consultant in the department of rehabilitation and physical medicine at the clinic. It is of interest that the study participants had failed to get relief with all available standard treatments for tennis elbow which included cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory drugs, and wearing braces. 

Tennis elbow, also known in the medical world as epicondylitis, is a condition that results when the tendons of the joint are inflamed from overuse of any kind.  For example, it can be caused by gardening or hammering.  The chronic pain that results will radiate down the forearm creating difficulty in extending the arm, grasping or lifting even with lightweight items.

In addition, DMSO has been used for decades by veterinarians and athletes to relieve pain and inflammation in muscles and joints.  It is non-toxic and is even given intravenously by alternative doctors.  Doctors may legally prescribe it in Oregon. Search YouTube® for “DMSO Stanley Jacobs.”

CBD oil, extracted from the hemp plant (not from seeds), is also effective at relieving pain and inflammation and can be purchased online.

Li4 – On the highest center of the muscle that protrudes when the extended thumb is pressed into the index finger.
Li5 – With the back of the hand facing you, extend the thumb out away from the hand and up toward you. This will cause two tendons to be raised at the base of the thumb. Look for the hollow formed by these two tendons just before disappearing into the wrist.
Li10 – Two fingers toward the base of the thumb starting from the outside end of the elbow crease when the elbow is half bent.
Li11 – With the elbow half bent, at the outside end – thumb side – of the elbow crease.
Li12 – 1 cun towards the shoulder from the outside end of the elbow crease when the elbow is half bent.
Th5 – From the middle of the crease on the backside of the wrist go two fingers toward the elbow.
Ah Shi Points – Found by searching the afflicted area for random points of greater sensitivity.
L5 – In the crease of the elbow, just beyond the big bicep tendon that lays in the center of the crease towards the inside of the arm.

Point chart