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The Most Powerful Spiritual Light the World Has Ever Known


Never in the history of the world has one person done so much for so many in such a short amount of time.

This has been a difficult book to write.  There are no words to describe theAmma spiritual magnitude of Amma.  To say that she is the most profound and most powerful and most compassionate of all the embodied saints, sages and buddhas the world has ever seen can easily be viewed as a bombastic claim.  To say this is like dropping a big rock in the middle of the pond of our mind.  We might as well have said aliens have landed on the Whitehouse Lawn and have asked to see the President! 

To make this claim immediately invokes cognitive dissonance because it is so huge and would require significant reordering in our belief systems.  Because of this, the mind will resist the notion that Amma is the most profound spiritual phenomenon ever to occur on the planet.  It is your author’s intent to show that after all is said in this book, these claims are still not big enough.

It should be noted as early as possible that Amma makes no such claims and would dismiss this discussion as meaningless prattle.  Knowing that he runs the risk of being a prattler, your author continues unabated and compelled by the mind-blowing, white-hot sparks and shards of Amma’s incomprehensible compassion that continue to shower us with penetrating cosmic grace; with love that is greater than the entire universe.  The world desperately needs to understand who it is and what it is that now walks in their presence as Mata Amritanandamayi (Mother of Immortal Bliss).

Claiming that Amma is the Queen of the Universe is not meant to dismiss all of the other great saints and incarnations such as Jesus, Buddha and Krishna.  It is only to say that what she is and what she has done, by far eclipses the lives of these spiritual luminaries.  It is like comparing a roaring bonfire to so many candle flames.

Amma is the Queen of the Universe because she is an exceedingly powerful and brilliant incarnation of the Divine Mother – the creatrix of all that is.  There have been other incarnations of the Divine Mother (including Jesus, Buddha and Krishna) but not with the power and intensity that has manifested through Amma.

An incarnation of tremendous power is necessary at this time because the darkness in the minds of mankind is so great. 

Your author is well aware that making such claims will cause many to roll their eyes because we have heard this so many times from other religions.  Jesus is the only way.  Buddhism is the highest path on the planet.  Krishna is greater than Shiva, no Shiva is greater than Krishna.  And so it goes.  However, this claim that Amma is the greatest ever is inclusive.  It does not say Amma is the only way but we will say that all ways and all paths are part of the Divine Mother and Amma is that Divine Mother. 

This view of oneness and unity could be made for any other truly self-realized Master.  The difference is the power with which this Truth manifests. 

We are considering the effect Amma is having or has had on the world and its inhabitants.  The difference is between a 1 watt light bulb and a 1,000 watt light bulb.  Even though the electricity (God/consciousness) in both is the same, the effect is much greater in the 1,000 watt bulb.  1 watt of love and compassion or 1,000 watts of love and compassion.

There are many Masters who are like boats that can carry us across the ocean of Samsara (seemingly endless rounds of births and deaths dogged by suffering at every turn).  By comparison, Amma is an ocean liner.



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