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Exploring Amma's Theory and Practice of Love as a Way of Life

Love is mysterious!  On one hand, it is the only thing that can save us from perpetual darkness; the world from chaos and disintegration.  On the other hand, very few of us feel any love day in and day out for our entire lifetimes.  Love is self-luminous bliss; it is light; it is life.  It is the core of our being and yet it has been lost and forgotten to the world because it means the death of our egos.  There is a subconscious revulsion to love.  It is grossly misunderstood, universally dismissed and relegated to a back-room shelf in the warehouse of humanity.  For most, it is simply a four-letter word.

Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) not only understands love but she is the most brilliant manifestation of love the world has ever seen.  She says her religion is love; she is love incarnate.  Yet few of us have any knowledge as to how we might practice love.  There is no understanding as to what it means to grow and cultivate love in our own hearts on a day by day basis.

Love is the only Truth that makes life meaningful.  Life without love is death.  This book is an exploration of Amma's voluminous teachings on how to practice love.  The cultivation of love requires much effort because the ego will oppose it at every turn.  This is because Gsod is love and love means the end of our egos.  Each day we can practice love – love for the Divine, love for all tshe beings in the universe and the universe as a whole.  We can feel love - deeply - with our whole being!  This is the simplest, most effective and most powerful path to eternal bliss.


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