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The Most Powerful Spiritual Light

the World Has Ever Known


The following pages are a complete printing of the book titled above, written by Ethan Walker III and published by Devi Press, Inc. The opinions and points-of-view expressed herein are soley those of the author. Amma is the "hugging saint" also known as Mata Amritanandamayi.

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ISBN:  978-0-9987242-4-9
First edition – first printing - July, 2018

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Table of Contents


Amma Is Love

Jubilee Amma

To Declare or Not to Declare

What Does Amma Claim?

Amma the Astonishing Light

Kali Yuga

Exhibits of Greatness

Absorbed in Ecstasy


The Divine Hug

Spiritual Transmissions

Sitting in the Presence of Amma

A Powerful Photograph

Supernormal Powers

A Blazing Sun of Compassion - Charities

Amma and Jesus

Amma and Ramakrishna

Amma and Yogananda

Interesting Pictures of Amma


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