Blue Cliff Record

The Blue Cliff Record

The Blue Cliff Record is a collection of Chán Buddhist koans that were originally compiled in 1125 in China at the time of the Song dynasty. It was then added to by the Chán master Yuanwu Kegin (1063–1135; Engo) which gives us the present form of the Blue Cliff Record.

The book also includes Yuanwu's commentary and annotations on 100 Verses on Old Cases, plus an additional 100 koans that were collected by Xuedou Zhongxian (980–1052; (Setcho). Master Xuedou extracted 82 of these from the Transmission of the Lamp, while the remainder were taken from the Yunmen Guanglu, Extensive Record of Yunmen Weyan, (864–949).

In Japan and elsewhere, the Chán practice became known as Zen. Each of these koans is accompanied by commentary from a well known, contemporary Zen Roshi or master.

Click on the links below to read these beautiful Chán / Zen Buddhist treasures:

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Suibi's Meditation Chin Rest

Hermit of the Lotus Peak Taking Up the Staff

Joshu's Large Radishes

Chosha's Scented Herbs, Falling Flowers

Nansen's "Men In a Dream"

Keyosie's Sound of the Raindrops

Sansho's Golden Scaled Carp Escaped from the Net

Seppo's What Is It?

Joshu's Donkeys Cross, Horses Cross

Hyaku-jo's Wild Ducks

Baso's Four Affirmations, One Hundred Negations

Ukyu's 'An Attack in the Dark! An Attack in the Dark!'

Dai-ryu's 'The Unchangeable Law Body'


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