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A Cup of Tea

And Secrets for the MuseA Cup of Tea


The Fireplace

When the howling winds of despair
Whistle and whine
In the doorway of your life

When the cold rain of sadness
Beats against the window panes
Of your soul

Pull up a chair
And warm your hands
Gazing into the fireplace
Of your heart

Surrender yourself
To the beautiful light and love
Of your own magnificent being

Look deeply
And feel the warmth
And well-being of your heart
Filling the rivers
Of your mind and body
With ecstatic love

Experience the unfathomable beauty
That pops and crackles
In the burning embers of peace

Smile with joy
That there is so much light and love
In the fireplace of your heart

We Are Steeped

Beloved Mother
Your comforting words
Are buzzing bees
That swarm our heart lotus
Pollinating with light
And love

Then we are really done for!
Everything evaporates
Pulling back the curtain
Of creation
And we are steeped
In your void
Of Primal Awareness

Now there is nowhere
Left to go
And nothing left to be done
Except dance
On the chest of Shiva

Step In

Beloved friend
Open the door of your heart
Where the tendrils of living space
Are tangled in the spires
Of your labored self-surrender

Take off your shoes and step in
Feel the sand of galaxies
Rising between your toes
Take this elevator up a few floors
And explore the shine

The words “sweet” and “bliss”
Can’t begin to breathe
This truth into your mind
The words “love” and “light”
Are only a dull, tarnished map

There is something
Unimaginably beautiful waiting here
It knows your name; it is calling you
Go ahead
Step in

Teacher of Beauty

What is this elastic dream
That courts the shadows
Of those who are not able
To forgive themselves?

The moon always carries
Her bag of fire
And once a month she hides it
Why would she do this?
Maybe she wants us
To polish our own shine
Teacher of beauty that she is

Some listen to the song
Of this river of light
And practice singing along
But most still wander
In the market of dead things

Such a sad spectacle
Green grass
Is only an arm’s length away
But few have eyes to see it

Hearts on Fire

Your children bow to you
We bow to your numberless reflections
That percolate
From your reasonless will of being

We bow to the empty space
That wraps us
In the breath of becoming

We bow to our own awakening
Into the luminous alleyways
That span the fiery circle of infinity

We bow to the fish
That swim like so many minds
In the ocean of discovery
And blind resonance
And light-filled moments
Of absolute grace

We bow to the sacrifice of the dark
So the light can see

We bow to the unseen pathways
That connect our newborn laughter
To our ancient tears

We bow to every weathered gambler
Who has struggled to peel away
The seductive siren song of illusion
All of this is no less
Than love loving love

Adorable Mother
The hearts of your children
Are on fire
And consuming everything in sight!
Soon there will be nothing left
But your beautiful smile

Flame Guilded Blossoms

Mother of endless bliss
When you wrap your children
In your cocoon of ecstatic love
Who or what
Will come out the other side?

When time has pounded
Its drum of creation
For the last time
All hearts
Become your heart

No one can catch the sky
In a net of words
Or go missing
In the ocean of being
Or pinch the flame
Of secrets
That whisper softly
In the restless tides
Of the coming and the going

Mother sweet Mother!
Your love ties the knot
Of burning-bush Truth
To our yearning hearts
And unties our knots of belief
That have festered in the darkness
Of our dreaming minds

Love is the endless sunrise
And the only light that can dance
On the starlit stairs of time and space

Radiant Mother
The love your children feel
Is a river of bliss that flows
From our hearts to yours
Merging in the ever-calm ocean
Of your being

Wherever you walk
Wherever you go
Wherever your radiant glance falls
That path is forever blessed
With flame-gilded blossoms
Of silent peace


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