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DIVINE MOTHER OF THE UNIVERSEDivine Mother of the Universe

This book of devotional meditations was written with the goal of capturing heartfelt love and devotion for the Divine Mother. She is at once mysterious and incomprehensible and also so close and accessible. We only need to open our heart and turn our gaze toward her inner light.

“Each poem in this inspired collection is a precious, radiant, tear-drop gem, forged in pure love for Amma. Ethan Walker is a rare find indeed, a heart-on-fire devotional poet who sheds tears for the Divine Mother each day. These poems contain the blessed essence of those tears, and to slowly savor them, like the prasad candies they are, would be a great aid for any spiritual seeker. OM Amriteshwaryai Namah!

~ Ram Das Batchelder, author of Rising in Love and other books


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Mother of the universe
You have conjured
This dancing ocean
Of earth and plants
And beings and stars
From your dark womb
Of formless mysteries

And you hold
The crackling thunder
Of emptiness
In your begging bowl
Of endless time

And it is you who writes
Poems of love
In letters of molten gold
In the deepest cave
Of our hearts

Your children weep with joy
At your slightest touch
Flooding the world
With the brilliant lightning
Of awareness
That it was always you
Behind the curtains
Of coming and going

Your children are bowing
So low to you Mother
That our faces
Have touched
The other side


Mother of eternity
On the beach
Are many paintings
Forged in the fires
Of your cosmic mind
Each is a path
To the ocean of bliss

Your children
Are laughing and dancing
In the revelry
Of rocks, stones and sand
Each blazing with starlight
And cooing like doves
As your thread of light
Binds the cornerstone of creation
To the core
Of every prancing lily
And every sprouting mind
And every universe
Born in the froth and foam of eternity
And the quicksand of unknowing
And every outstretched hand
Reaching for the mercy
Of timeless space

Even the sun
Is humbled
By your radiant smile



Mother of life
The minds of your children
Are lotus flowers
Floating on your lake of fire
Rooted in the soil
Of primordial awareness

Your wind dancers
Visit us often
And there is much joy
Passed among us
Sharing the cup
Of the seasons
Watching the reeds of time
Being split
Into blades of laughing love