Just below, are three short videos explaining the rotten underbelly of the egg industry. Following that are a list of 14 scientific clinical studies by renowned and respected researchers such as Harvard showing that the consumption of eggs causes heart disease, strokes, cancer and more.


Suppliers of "free range" eggs to stores and suppermarkets refer to their chickens as "our ladies" and "our girls" to create the illusion of down-home farm friendliness and care. But the truth is far from happy chickens roaming in fields. Your author emailed one such company and they admitted they only provided 1% of the eggs they supplied and the other eggs were contracted from various other farms. To follow is a video provided by PETA into the chicken warehouse of one of these contract farms.

This clip is 2:15 minutes


Recently a study was published that reported eggs to be healthy food after all.  This study was financed by the egg industry!  The egg industry sets up a front organization with an innocent sounding name, then gives money to the front company to do the study.  This sort of skullduggery happens frequently.  Studies which report the bad health effects of meat, dairy and egg consumption have no product to protect or promote.

The following video explains this malevolent subterfuge - a 3 minute clip.

When chicks hatch in a commercial hatchery, the male chicks are thrown alive into a meat grinder (see picture below) because they are of no commercial value. This is true also for male chicks on the so called "free range" farms.

In the video below we follow a hidden camera into a chick hatching operation. Time of video is 3:35 mintutes. Please don't pass this video by because it is unpleasant to watch. We need to understand why we should not purchase eggs of any kind.


To follow is a list of studies that show eating eggs to be a mistake. 

Eggs Are Really Bad Food

Eggs are in the list of the top ten allergenic foods.

Do we have any empirical or scientific proof that eggs are unhealthy?  As it turns out, there are many such clinical studies that have been published worldwide in top medical journals.

In the Physician’s Health Study as published in the journal Circulation (117, 2008) 21,275 doctors were studied.  It was found that eating only one egg each day produced a dramatic increase in outright heart failure.  This study was adjusted for numerous factors so the results of this study are very solid. Many people eat two eggs every morning for breakfast.

29,083 post-menopausal women were followed and studied by the University of Minnesota and the results were published in the American Journal of Epidemiology (v. 149, 1999).  The study concluded, “Consumption of eggs was also associated with an increased risk of ovarian cancer.” This is nearly 30,000 women!  Women in the US are experiencing epidemic rates of uterine, cervical and ovarian cancers.  Eggs cause cancer.

1,491 women and men were studied for throat and oral cancer at the Centro di Oncologico in Italy.  It was reported in the British Journal of Cancer (v 80, 1999) that, “After allowance for education, smoking, alcohol and total energy intake, significant trends of increasing risk with increasing intake emerged for eggs, processed meats, cakes and deserts and butter.  Eggs cause cancer.

In the past, the Japanese had very low rates of diabetes and cancer and especially colon cancer.  In recent years, the westernization of their diet with the addition of meat, eggs, milk and the reduction in rice and vegetables has changed this.  The Aichi Cancer Research Center in Japan reported that the rapidly increasing rates of colon cancer and diabetes were closely related to the increased intake of milk, eggs and meat.  This study was published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention (v 4, 2004).  Eggs cause cancer.

Thirty-four different countries were studied by the Hipple Cancer Research Center to see the relationship between egg consumption and the occurrence of rectal and colon cancers.  The study was published in the medical journal Nutrition and Cancer (v 46, 2003).  This is thirty-four entire countries!  The reported that “…egg consumption was associated with an increased risk of rectal and colon cancer.”  By studying 34 countries, they were able to prove the eating of eggs causes cancer.  How can this be any clearer?  Eggs cause cancer.

The University of Queensland reported in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers (v 11, 2002) that ovarian cancer was specifically associated with egg consumption and the report included 20 references.  They compared cancer patients with healthy women:  “There was a strong (please note the use of the word “strong”) and significant dose-response relation between cholesterol from eggs and risk of ovarian cancer.”  Eggs cause cancer.

In the US, 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer.  Harvard University reported in the International Journal of Epidemiology (v 31, 2002) that breast cancer is clearly related to the eating of eggs after studying 351,041 women.  That is a third of one million women.  This is straight from Harvard.  One third of one million women have proven that eating eggs causes cancer.

Once again Harvard University reported in American Journal of Epidemiology (v 156, 2002) that eating eggs was found to be clearly linked to ovarian cancer:  “…an increase in risk with frequent intake of eggs was observed.”  Straight from Harvard that eggs cause cancer.

There is more from Harvard.  21,327 doctors in the Physician’s Health Study which spanned 20 years found that people died sooner from all-cause mortality according to how many eggs they ate.  This was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (v 87, 2008).  Simply eating merely one egg daily provoked the very worst mortality of 23% more overall deaths.  Persons with diabetes faired twice as badly with an increase in overall deaths of nearly 50%!!  It is not feasible to argue with a study that includes over 20,000 persons in a 20-year time frame.  Eggs hasten death.

Prostate cancer is the most frequently occurring cancer in men.  The University of Illinois (Cancer Treatment Reports v. 61, 1977) compared healthy controls with prostate cancer patients.  The cancer patients consumed far more eggs than the healthy control men.  The cancer patients also consumed more cheese, milk, margarine and red meat.

The world famous Johns Hopkins University reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology v. 120 1984 that the more eggs consumed by men the greater the incidence of prostate cancer.  These results were calculated from a study that included nearly 100,000 person-years.  Just three eggs per week raised cancer rates an astonishing 60%.

A clinical study was performed on 27,607 men by the Helen Diller Cancer Research Center with the findings published in Cancer Prevention Research, September 2011.  It was found that, “…men who consumed 2.5 eggs or more weekly had an 81% increased risk of lethal prostate cancer.”

As reported in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention v. 10, 2001, persons in Uruguay with bladder cancer were studied.  It was determined that eating eggs, salted meat and meat “…was associated with significant increase in the risk of bladder cancer.”

The overwhelming evidence clearly shows eggs are a bad food for any culture or race of people.  The Beijing Cancer Research Institute (Zhonghua Liu Xing v. 21, 2000) found that breast cancer in women was associated with dysmenorrhea, depression, consuming milk and dairy products, obesity and eating eggs.

We can read studies like this all day long with real people from all around the world.  The proof is conclusive and the scientific evidence shows that eggs should not be part of our diet.  Eggs are a bad food.   Take eggs out of your diet!   


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