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The Path to Deep Happiness

The quest to be happy is one thing all humans and all beings have in common. This quest is a natural attraction for the "many" to return to the "one."

Happiness is actually our true nature and it radiates always from the core of our being which also happens to be the core of every other being and the universe iteself. It is an aliveness that palpatates with love, bliss, innocence and an astonishing lightness of being. Discovering or abiding in this happiness does not require any object or circumstance from outside of ourselves to trigger it. It is self-luminous and eternally present.

With people, this quest is intensified by the occurance of the ego which is the sense or feeling of "I" and "mine." This creates an amplified illusion of separation. The bigger the ego, the more separate and isolated we feel. For people, then, the quest for happiness is a search for peace or contentment from the constant agitation or feeling ill-at-ease; feeling something is not quite right that occurs as a result of fragmenting one's own being and living in the dream of being separate.

Therefore, finding and being this happiness has more to do with removing that which obscures it. This is the egoistic nature of the mind. This is the obscuring power. Therefore, it is necessary not only to meditate or contemplate or practice feeling this innate happiness, it is also necessary to study the mind and understand how to unwind and remove the obscuring factors.

These processes and techniques are thoroughly discussed in the book How To Be Really Happy! Also on the How to Be Happy website are in-depth articles that explore the meaning of happiness and how to be happy.

You can purchase this book on Amazon or you can also explore the fundamental nature of happiness further at the website for the book. The website has a number of explanatory pages that reveal the underpinnings on the path to happiness. Choose from the links below.

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