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Kaiser Permanente Goes Whole-foods Vegan

In 2013 Kaiser Permanente issued a bulletin to all 17,000 of their salaried on-staff doctors suggesting that the doctors encourage all patients to adopt a whole-foods plant-based diet. In addition, they published a beautiful, full-color booklet that could be given to patients to help them try to understand the health benefits of this diet. Click the link below to view the booklet.Veggies

Kaiser Permanente Goes Vegan

Note: the above link will open a pdf file to display Kaiser Permanente's color booklet.

Watch the DVD Forks Over Knives

Available for streaming on Netflix or purchase on Amazon. This is a great documentary, very well done and entertaining to watch. It does a wonderful job of presenting the scientific, clinical evidence that a whole-foods plant-based diet will restore one's health and for a broad range of maladies. It is becauses the evidence is so conclusive and so overwhelming that Kaiser Permanente is recommending this way of eating.

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