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Persons who consume dairy fall prey to more cancer of every kind and especially breast cancer and prostate cancer.  Milk consumers also develop more diabetes, heart disease and other serious health conditions.  Dairy products produce a proven, higher mortality rate meaning consumers have shortened lives and the quality of these shortened lives is wrought with increased suffering.  Consuming milk shortens one’s life due to mortality from all causes!

The University of Manchester proved this in their report that appeared in the Journal of Cardiology in 1991.  In this study, persons in twenty-one separate countries were compared according to the amount of milk and dairy products they consumed.  The Japanese, who eat little or no dairy, had only a ninth of the Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) that people from Finland had.  The Fins eat dairy products as a main staple.  Dairy consumption was clearly and directly linked to artery and heart disease and overall mortality.  The same parallel existed for blood pressure.  The more dairy one eats, the greater the amount of disease and the sooner one dies.

In the following video, Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D. explains the medical dangers of milk.

What the Dairy Industry Doesn't Want You to Know!


The most common medical condition throughout the world is hypertension or high blood pressure.  In a clinical study performed by the Zaragoza Medical School and reported in the Journal of Nutrition, 2002, participants were given cow’s milk or soy milk in a classic double-blind study.  Persons taking the soy milk were able to lower their blood pressures by an astonishing 18.4 mm for the systolic and 15.9 mm for the diastolic.  This was accomplished in only ninety days and there was no other modification of diet or lifestyle.  The most highly touted blood pressure prescription drugs fail to come close to this. 

Milk and calciumAs reported in the medical journal Circulation – 1993, men living in four separate countries were studied.  The more milk consumed, the more Coronary Heart Disease they suffered.  In fact, the heaviest drinkers of milk (e.g. Scandinavians) had an eye-opening TEN TIMES, more Coronary Heart Disease than men who consumed no milk.

For 11 years straight, a clinical study was performed on 20,000 doctors.  The study was appropriately named the Physician’s Health Study and was reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, v 74.  The study came to the conclusion that, “These results support the hypothesis that dairy products are associated with a greater risk of prostate cancer.”  This also applies with equal measure to breast cancer because the two diseases are nearly the same with the same causes which respond to the same natural cures.  The more dairy products men consumed, the greater the incidence of prostate cancer.

People from Norway consume large quantities of milk and dairy foods.  As reported in the British Medical Journal (1990), researchers studied 1,422 persons in Norway for nearly twelve years.  It was reported that the more milk they consumed the greater the incidence of lymphatic cancer.  How much proof do we need that milk and milk products are making us sick and killing us?  These studies are endless.

A comprehensive cancer study was done for 15 countries and then reported in The Lancet (1976) whereby it was discovered that the more milk and milk products consumed the greater the incidence of lymphoma.  People from New Zealand consumed the most dairy and they presented the most lymphoma.  Japanese people consumed the smallest amount of dairy and were almost totally free of lymphoma.  

What about ovarian cancer?  In the American Journal of Epidemiology (1989), the more dairy consumed by women the greater the incidence of ovarian cancer.  This was also proven at the Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, New York, and at many more clinics. 

Dr. Neal Barnard performed and published a clinical study in Medical Hypothesis (1997) titled, “Dairy Products and Breast Cancer” which had 131 citations.  His study proved conclusively that dairy promotes breast cancer.  Add to that list ovarian, uterine and cervical cancers. The same is also true for cancers of the liver, lungs and other cancers. 

It was reported in the journal Cancer (1989) that men who consumed the largest amounts of milk suffered the most prostate cancers. Drinking milk leads to prostate cancer.  This is the most prevalent cancer among US males without exception.

In the United States, 1 in 3 children will develop diabetes with the consumption of dairy products being one of the principal causes.  In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1990) it was reported by Canadian doctors that, “a significant positive correlation between consumption of milk protein (casein) and the occurrence of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (Type I) in various countries.” 

In yet another study in Norway which was reported in Diabetes Research (1988) it was discovered that children who consumed cow’s milk had a significantly increased occurrence of diabetes.  In the New England Journal of Medicine (1992), people from Finland were shown to be among the highest consumers of milk products with corresponding highest occurrence of diabetes.

Simply give up all milk and milk products today.  It really is easy.  All of the major and minor grocery stores sell a wide variety of non-dairy milks which include almond, soy, flax, rice and oat milk products.  Try these until you find the one that you like the best.  Your author is fond of almond milk.  After some time, you will come to prefer the non-dairy milk and cow’s milk will develop a somewhat disgusting taste. Use your non-dairy milk for cooking, cold cereal, oatmeal and any other application that calls for cow’s milk. 

There are a number of dairy free cheeses that taste great, melt on demand and come in flavors such as parmesan, cheddar, American, feta, jack and mozzarella.  There is also dairy free yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, coffee creamer and even whipped cream!  Soy ice cream and yogurt should only be eaten as an occasional treat due to their high sugar content.


"An inquisitive man sets out to find the facts about milk and discovers more about the growing controversy surrounding it. Throughout the journey, he is left with more and more questions instead of answers and remains dangling and confused amidst vastly opposing position held by various doctors, scientists, nutritionists and experts. Milk is a food so fundamental to our daily diet that its value for our health, it seems, is meant to be left unquestioned. Milk is the perfect food. Or is it?"

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The American Dairy Association is an extremely powerful lobbying group with its tentacles extending far into every crevice of local, state and national government.  We are continuously assailed with propaganda ads touting the health benefits of dairy products – “Got milk?” 

These days, most mothers in the US feed their babies cow’s milk instead of giving their infants their own natural mother’s milk!  It is a proven fact that doing so lowers the intelligence of babies.  In the top-shelf journal The Lancet (1992) babies raised with mother’s milk exhibited an IQ that was a full 10 points higher than those babies raised on cow’s milk.  These children were followed and studied for ten years.  The medical journal Pediatrics (1983) concluded that cow’s milk should never be given to infants because of the well-known harmful effects.

Additional published international clinical studies show again and again that consuming cow’s milk and products promotes higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and early mortality.  The more dairy foods we eat, the more quickly we die.  We should take dairy foods totally out of our lives.  Human beings and animals were never intended by Nature to consume milk or milk products beyond the point of weaning.

Dairy is the most potent allergenic food on the face of the planet.  Do an internet search for “dangers of milk” to find excellent websites which document these dangers.  One good website is  Here you can read the classic paper The Milk Letter by Dr. Kradjian.  This is something everyone must read!  The article is lengthy with many citations and for a good reason.  Milk is poison and there is ample science to prove it.

Growth Hormones

Cow’s milk also increases hormones that directly provide greatly increased growth of the calf.  The most significant of these is IGF-1 or Insulin-like Growth Factor-1.  When humans consume milk, IGF-1 hormone levels increase regardless of the age of the person.  This promotes undesirable growth as well.  It is one of the most powerful stimulators of cancer growth ever discovered for cancers of the colon, lung, breast and prostate.  IGF-1 also leads to premature aging.

Estrogen Increase

Because of modern factory farming methods of milking cows throughout their pregnancy, levels of estrogen in the milk are abnormally and substantially raised.  As the pregnancy continues, the estrogen levels in milk increase from 15 pg/ml to 1000 pg/ml.  It is well understood that elevated estrogen levels promote cancers of the uterus, prostate and breast.

Bone Damage

Excess dietary protein causes bone loss.  Because protein is made of amino acids, it presents a large acid load to the body.  The body must then extract alkaline enhancing minerals like calcium from the bones to neutralize the acidity.  Because of this, the countries that have the most dairy consumption also have the highest hip fracture rate.  The lowest rates are among people who eat the least amount of animal proteins.

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