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Welcome Dear Friend!

This is a Place of Refuge! We Offer Comfort, Love, Compassion, and Healing

Here you can rest and feel safe. If you are struggling with issues, dogged by emotional strife and mental discomfort, I will listen to you, do my best to comfort you and offer my view of things at no charge. I do this as a love offering - a seva - out of the desire to relieve the troubles and suffering of others in whatever way is possible.

It is my core belief that Love is the most important aspect of our life. It is love and love alone that makes life beautiful. Wisdom is knowing we are all one, love is what it feels like and compassion is what it acts like. A person's mental and emotional happiness is not determined by being "well adjusted" but by that person's ability to give and receive love. Children playing

If you want to know more about me, you are invited to look through the books listed on this website all of which were written by me. I have been traveling the spiritual path since 1967 and met my guru Amma in 1988. It was Amma that put me on the path of bhakti or spiritual devotion to the Beloved whom I worship as the Divine Mother. I also have a deep love for Jesus and Buddha.

I would love to walk with you and explore the possibilities! Love is the most powerful and healing force there is. We can talk on the telephone, by Skype or by email. You can reach me here: ethan at devipress dot com or by messaging me on FaceBook.


Will Genuinely Listen

If you are feeling stuck in life or confused about your spiritual path, Ethan is a great person to talk with.  His goal is to be of service to anyone who might ‘need the ear’ of a fellow spiritual seeker, or to simply be a comforting presence to hear you process the difficulties you might be experiencing.  He is someone who will genuinely listen.  Having read both Christian and Eastern scriptural sources extensively, he is able to offer insight into spiritual principles, should you wish to hear.  Also, as someone who has pursued his own spiritual path with dedication and devotion, he can speak from experience and heartfelt empathy.  I look forward to talking with Ethan as a touchstone.  Knowing I can have a conversation with him, almost any time, gives me a feeling of being supported as I attempt to learn how to transform spiritual principles into everyday action.  I am very grateful that he has offered his time as a service to humanity and consider any opportunity to talk with him to be of great benefit.    – L.G.

Create a Peaceful Refuge

I have spent many years seeing a wonderful counselor, and was able to intellectualize my issues; many positive seeds were planted during that time.  However, I was struggling to manifest the necessary changes in my life on a day to day basis.  After a short time of speaking with Ethan, I was able to activate a crucial shift in how I saw the world and my place in it. His extremely kind, compassionate and insightful guidance is a blessing that helped shine a bright light of universal love into my obstacles, while helping me create a peaceful refuge from the negative influences that come and go. Much gratitude for Ethan’s presence and assistance during a very difficult time. He is an incredibly gifted counselor and spiritual guide.   - K.H.

This Process Was Healing

Ethan Walker listened to me (well, read my messages) in a very open-minded, attentive and kind way. Even while writing to him, I felt this process was healing. Then his answers were full of wisdom, compassion and humility. They remained fully spiritual, non-judgmental, and really interesting. I can happily and warmly recommend him and his free comfort and counseling service.  - A.S.