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Soft Moon Shining is an invitation to step into the heart of the Divine Mother.  Her perpetual dance of cosmic bliss plays out through the eons as the creation and dissolution of worlds within worlds.  Yet God, in the feminine form of the Mother – as the Absolute made Immanent – is ready to shower Her love and affection on any who care to turn their gaze toward Her fiery heart.

This work of poetry is both profound and beautiful in its ability to arrest the reader’s conventional mind plunging the soul into the cauldron of divine intoxication and immortal bliss.  Each poem is a meditation on the Mother of the universe.  Feel Her love and Her compassion as the Divine Mother hugs each reader in an embrace of timeless love.

Dance with god in the form of the Mother! Revel in the call of the infinite!  Swoon with joy as the heart opens wide to the roaring river of Mother love.




My beloved Divine Mother
Dance with me
under the soft moon shining
in the wide open fields
far beyond the toil and trouble
of my busy mind

Dance with me
before the night grows old
while the winds of love
still bow the grasses
and the coyotes cry for you
to step their way

Dance with me my beloved
while the Mystery’s Edge
still flirts in the shadow
of your radiant light


Mother Kali
Place your seal on this book of mortal existence
now emptied of words
from crying to you

I have given this book to you
to do with as you wish
as there is no one left
who wants to write in it

Having tasted your Divine Love
what else can be of any importance?

I am your laughing schoolboy
playing hooky from the ceaseless pounding
of facts and names

And I am running headlong to swim in your river of immortal bliss
carelessly flinging these clothes
of concerns and considerations to the ground as I go


My beautiful Divine Mother
This universe is your body
alive and blushing
with cosmic streams
and rivers of love

I bow to the rocks
ancient siblings of boundless love

I bow to the sun and the sailing planets
who whistle songs of love
to one another
from deep within the inner spheres

And I bow to every atom
eternally in love with every other atom
all of them whirling dervishes
ecstatic in their dance
of joyous coexistence

My heart melts at the sight
of this endless love feast

And I deeply regret
that my hugging arms
are so few and so short


Compassionate Mother
who’s grace is beyond eternity

My friends and I will draw another cup of joy
from the wellspring
of your radiant heart 

And raise it to our lips with a shout
Victory to the Mother!
Victory to the Mother of all beings!

And when this tavern of divine revelry
closes in the morning’s wee hours

We will all walk home arm in arm
with faltering steps
to our conventional minds
staggering with the intoxication of love
and waking the neighbors
shouting like bugle blowers

Victory to the Mother!
Victory to the Mother of the universe!

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