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Testosterone Helps When You Get Older

For topical use (no injections)

Past the ago of 50 our level of testosterone begins to drop precipitously. This results in muscle loss, weakness and fatigue and a whole range of other problems. Taking testoserone as a supplement will also aid many metabolic functions. It is useful for the heart as an example. Low testosterone even contributes to prostate cancer. DHEA is also needed as a supplement when we get older.  DHEA is the anti-aging hormone. 

Testosterone supplementation should only be with bio-identical hormones and not what most doctors prescribe.  Bio-identical means the molecule is an exact duplicate of the molecule produced in our bodies. Drug companies can’t make money from bio-identical because it can’t be patented.  So they tweak it to make it unique and then they can patent it.  But we don’t want tweaked hormones which have bad side effects - we want the real thing - the natural testosterone molecule.  The goal is to restore our levels to what would be normal for a 20 year old.   

Mix it with DMSO and I put a drop on the underside of your wrist every morning – transdermal.  You buy the testosterone on line from overseas pharmacies which is legal to do.  The following is from Roger Mason’s article:

“Go to the U.S. Customs website and get booklet #4790 Know Before You Go. You have a legal right (under section 21 of the U.S. Code) to import any prescription drug for your personal use without a prescription. This is your legal right under the law. Testosterone enanthate injectable 10 X 250 (2,500 mg) is a good choice. (No, you won't be injecting it!) Men can use 4 mg (3 mg actual testosterone and 1mg enanthate salt), and women 200 mcg (150 mcg actual testosterone). An almost two year supply (10 X 250 mg or 2.5 g for men) is under $60 (with postage) if used sublingually, or in DSMO. This one bottle would last a woman over 30 years!  This can be kept refrigerated for long term storage.”

Click on the link below to read this article in full.

New Way to Use Testosterone -Roger Mason

Saliva hormone test kit
You will need to do a saliva test for testosterone and DHEA.  You can do this yourself with a kit and you send it off to a lab.  Here is where you get the saliva test kit.

Also it is vey important for you to read this booklet:  Testosterone is Your Friend.

If you order supplements from Roger, he gives away hard copy paperback booklets and he also covers a number of health topics with various booklets and they are all very interesting.  The supplements are very very good and inexpensive by the way.  His mineral supplement is by far the best I have ever seen. 

Roger was trained as a chemist but made a fortune in media and now he operates this business as a not-for-profit company.  He is over 70, independently wealthy and does this as a mission out of passion.  He has commented before that he is in the top 1% of wealthy persons. So he gives his books away for free.

Go to the page at the link below and pull down to the book Testosterone is Your Friend and click on the free PDF file for the booklet.

Or buy supplements from and you can get a printed paperback version of the book for free.

Making Your Transdermal Testosterone Drops

To make transdermal testosterone (put one drop on the underside of your wrist each morning) purchase vials of liquid enanthate testosterone which are 250 mg in each vial.  Mix the contents of one vial with 325 drops of 99% pure DMSO (DMSO with nothing else added).  325 drops is the same as 16.25 ml. 

Buy a 20 ml syringe with blunt tip needles on Amazon or elsewhere for measuring this.  These syringes with blunt needles are sold for exactly this kind of application.  You will also use the syringe to suck the testosterone out of the small glass vial.  These vials have a break-away top that you snap off of the body of the vial.   This will give you approximately 4 mg of testosterone in a single drop of the mixture which is the average dose. Buy a 2 ounce glass bottle with glass eye dropper and put your mixture in this for dispensing. Refrigeration is good for storing your mixture and the yet-to-be-used vials of enanthate testosterone.  

After a few months, do another saliva test to see if your dose is putting you in the average for a 20 year old.

Acquiring Testosterone

One website you can go to for acquiring testosterone is here:

And here is a page on that site for 250 mg ampoules of testosterone enanthate:


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